Montropo is:

Andrés Diaz - guitar/vocals

Josh Fuson - drums

Jordan Roos - bass


With a style that blends Spanish-influenced guitar with the sounds of the 60’s and 70’s, Montropo crafts memorable songs that span the range of folk and rock music. Andrés Diaz, lead singer and guitarist, began playing music at just eleven years old, borrowing his sister's guitar in Temple, TX where he was born. He spent time studying guitar performance at UT Austin before moving to Denver in the mid-2000s. Diaz then spent two years writing, refining and recording the songs on Montropo's debut album, "Follow Me" (2015), which was recorded at Silo Sound and Consonance Productions.

Montropo's music explores a range of feelings and ideas, from the surreal, dreamy spiritual loss of album opener "Follow Me" to the uplifting solidarity of "Brother, Stay".

After releasing Follow Me, Diaz put together a band, collaborating with Josh Fuson (drums) and Jordan Roos (bass) to create energetic live performances, including a featured performance at Denver's Underground Music Showcase in 2017, FOCO MX in Fort Collins, and multiple venues across Denver & Boulder.

Montropo continues to push into original territory with their music. The band is actively writing new songs that incorporate a diversity of influences, including Diaz's ongoing fascination with the powerful, poetic music of latin american folk artist Victor Jara.

With 2018, Montropo prepares their sophomore release and to continue their trek into new cities and venues across America.


"Montropo‘s recently released debut LP, “Follow Me,” is chock full of well-crafted, beautifully arranged songs...songs like “Brother, Stay,” available for download below, and “A Woman So Kind” Montropo tackles well-tread motifs with an earnest rosiness, all backed by catchy jangly pop and tasteful string arrangements... he’s yet to achieve the exposure he deserves."

- The Know, Denver Post -

“Follow Me is a coloful, yet melancholic album that is hard not to love. It beckons listeners to self-reflect and also observe the world. “

- BolderBeat -

“This folk-pop collection is impeccably played and crafted.”

- The Marquee -


Follow Me

Released: 2015


Upcoming Dates

9/24/2017 - Hi-Dive, Denver, CO - Hurricane Harvey Relief Show

9/30/2017 - Black Shirt Brewing 5th Anniversary Show, Denver, CO

Past Dates


Jan 13 Aztlan Theater show  (vic n the narwals)

Jan 29 Lost Lake 

Feb 10 Skyline park skate show

Feb 23 Hi Dive with anthony ruptak jacob russo

March 10 Lion’s lair with morning bear

April 28? FO CO MX

May 21 syntax with rachael pollard


Feb 6 The Forge (Boulder)show with Glimjack

Feb 18 Goosetown Tavern with Jacob Russo

March 19th Merc-Collaboration Fest with members of Porlolo, King Cardinal, The Still Tide and Lee Avenue.

March 20 Lost lake with Matt Rouch, Glimjack and Larimer Lights

April 11 The Squire Lounge Glimjack, Imaginary Points

May 5th Larimer lounge: Solo show with Will Hoge, Brent Cowles 

May 20 Denver syntax played as a duo.  Opened for holly lovell and morning bear

May 30 Stem Cider Songwriters circle (Solo) 

May 31st Back space Denver with Logan and Lucille

June13 Lost Lake with Old sea brigade, Mitchel Evan and the Mangroves

July 28 Gary Lee’s: UMS

September 2 Skylark (with Swidlin hearts, matt rouch and the noise ustairs)

October 2nd?Syntax with matt rouch and  joseph  buck

Oct 26 Walnut room steve benefit show

Nov 10 Walnut Room with Mitchel evan and the mangrove and herestofightin

Nov 19 Paceman’s 100 year storm festival (Oriental Theater)



May 15 Goosetown Tavern with the Sweet Lillies

May 30 Lion's Lair

July 30 The Laughing Goat (Boulder)

July 31 Mercury Cafe 

July ? Gary Lee’s UMS

August 28 Lion's Lair

October 23 Leon Art Gallery with Brett Randall

Nov 12 Mercury Cafe with The ghost of Joseph Buck and The Changing Colors 

Dec 12 Lion's Lair with King Cardinal

Dec 15 Denver Syntax Stand by your Band Event.  With Brent Cowles, members of Altas, Somerset Catalog, 

June 2 Syntax with Shark dreams, downtime,sedgwick

June 24 Westword showcase

July 10 Moon room at Summit Music hall (moonrise nation, shark dreams)

July 27 UMS Gary Lee's

Aug 26 Skylark (Florea, Folly Fields)




CPR Open Air